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fridge 21st November 2011 Hot Fridges
A UN report has highlighted the growth in emissions of HFCs, warning that their climate forcing impact may be as large as that for greenhouse gas emissions from transport by 2050.

sunset 30th June 2009 Aerosol Parasol
Gunnar Myhre of the Center for International Climate and Environmental Research in Oslo has found the cooling effect of aerosols in the atmosphere to be much less than previously thought.

pc 13th July 2008 Ghost Gas
Michael Prather, of the University of California, has warned of the rising emissions of the powerful greenhouse gas nitrogen trifluoride. The gas is used in manufacturing semiconductors.

flame 17th September 2007 Cloud Albedo
Veerabhadran Ramanathan and colleagues at the Scripps Institute in California have found that the brown clouds arising from air pollution can be an important driver of atmospheric warming.

Selected Papers

Scheutz et al.
Attenuating VOC emissions from landfill using cover soils

CO emissions, oxygenated fuels and the Clean Air Act

Kristensson et al.
NOx and CO emission factors for traffic in Sweden

Kunhikrishnan et al.
Tropospheric NOx over Asia

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