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Your Planet Needs You - Climate Change for Children

Out Now. Published by Macmillan.

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Dave ReayKeeping Greenhouse Gas Online up to date can be hard work at the best of times. Two kids, a blind labrador and a changing global climate that each keep me from getting a decent night's sleep don't help. My first book 'Climate Change Begins at Home' was written for adults. In it I tried to distil the science of climate change and the huge power we as individuals can wield in altering its direction. Now, in Your Planet Needs You, I've written my first book for children. The inspiration was only ever a dribble-soaked smile away.

Dave Reay, 2009



Reviews for Your Planet Needs You!

"Stuffed full of practical advice, this is a terrifically useful introduction to how to do your bit for energy conservation in everyday life. Subtitled, ‘A Kid’s Guide to Going Green’, this includes stories, fact boxes and useful tips for all children who want to be part of the eco-future."

Julia Eccleshare, children's editor of The Guardian and advisor to LoveReading4Kids


"The mixture of fact and fiction, cartoons and diagrams makes a serious subject funny, appealing and understandable. The clear text is enhanced by Alan Rowe's illustrations and the book can be read as a story or dipped into for its factual content ."

Jane E Sandell, The Scotsman


"If there's one science subject that younger readers understand better than most adults (apart from programming a DVD recorder) it's climate change. It's a topic that interests them and they feel a natural urge to do something about it, so Dave Reay's excellent Your Planet Needs You should prove very popular. With a fast-flowing mix of cartoon strip and text, interspersed with a flowing narrative it's a fast and breezy run through the key facts of climate change as we currently understand them. Five Stars "

Brian Clegg, Popular Science


"A fun and informative read, with a serious environmental message that doesn’t get lost in its attempt to appeal to the younger reader"

Theano Manoli, Write Away


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