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David Miliband MP, UK Secretary of State for the Environment

Congratulations to Dave Reay of Edinburgh University, author of Climate Change Begins at Home, on his website It's a bit of a treasure trove - I didn't know for example that biomass burning accounts for around half a million tonnes of nitrous oxide-N emission each year, as a result of incomplete combustion, with significant amounts produced during large scale burning of woodlands, savanna and agricultural waste.


Climate Change Collection

Up-to-date source of articles about greenhouse gases and climate change published by the press (BBC, New Scientist, etc) and by scientists in the peer-reviewed literature. Also contains accurate, comprehensive, and well-written background information about greenhouse gases and climate change.



Birmingham Public Library (Alabama)

Greenhouse Gas Online Click here for summaries of events and issues relating to global warming, greenhouse gases, sunspots and international agreements. This site deserves its Golden Web Award for environmental and science reporting. Articles come from a multitude of sources including Nature, BBC and the Guardian.


Columbus Metropolitan Library: Ecology, Environment & Conservation Sites

When it comes to locating information about green-house gases, this site is the first place to start. It is notable for its up-to-date articles and abstracts from mainstream and specialized news sources. In addition to current science news, this site maintains background information about greenhouse gas science, emissions, and global warming. Easy to navigate, ample graphics--don't miss this one! (


PRISM Global Warming Information

Many nicely illustrated articles and up-to-date news on different greenhouse gases and climate change. Good place to locate current information and descriptions of research in the area of greenhouse gases and their effect on the earth. Appropriate for grades 9-12.

Nature of Science: Standard 11: Understands the nature of scientific knowledge
Nature of Science Standard 12: Understands nature of scientific inquiry
Geography Standard 14: Understands how human actions modify the physical environment
Earth & Space Sciences; Standard 1: Understands atmospheric processes and the water cycle


BBC World : ClickOnline
Sevan Bastajian, Webscape May 15th 2003

This is an informative site that gives up to date resources dedicated to greenhouse gas news. Boring, perhaps? Not at all. Increased awareness of climate change and the issues surrounding global warming are vital if we are going to try and tackle this problem. If you're unsure about what gases constitute the family of greenhouse gases, each gas link on the left takes you to an 'about' page detailing concentrations of both naturally occurring and man-made emissions. Last year there was a lot of talk of the Kyoto protocol, but if you're vague as to what it was all about then take a look at the site's summary of the targets set by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. There are also lots of climate related articles which link to other sites so you can immerse yourself in the world around you.


Science Magazine: NetWatch
RESOURCES: Clearing the Air on Global Warming
Science 297: 1615d.

Dismayed by tepid Web sites on heat-trapping greenhouse gases, Dave Reay, an environmental scientist at the University of Edinburgh, U.K., decided to amass his own comprehensive and up-to-date file of information. GreenHouse Gas Online should be enlightening for researchers, students, and policy-makers debating how to cut emissions of carbon dioxide, the main greenhouse gas. Scientists can keep abreast of the latest findings with a listing of new papers gleaned from more than 100 journals. For teachers and students, Reay has written succinct backgrounders on topics such as the possible effects of global warming; sources of greenhouse gases; and carbon dioxide sinks, such as plants and the ocean, that store the molecule. The site also links to news stories on pollution and climate change, such as the recent discovery of a "brown cloud" of airborne gunk hovering over Asia.


Earth Pages - Blackwell Publishing

“Greenhouse” gas website: Dave Reay of the School of Geosciences at the University of Edinburgh has developed an extremely useful website that covers all the breaking news about “greenhouse” gases and climate change at, which is easy to navigate and regularly updated. It contains links to on-line publications and a comprehensive Links page.


HERO Higher Education and Research Opportunities: Webworlds

GreenHouse Gas Online

Tony Blair and George W Bush are having brunch in an internet café. “Hey, Tone, know of any good sites on the World Wide Web?” asks Mr Bush, munching on an avocado and mozzarella panini. Mr Blair scratches his chin and thinks for a moment: “Well, yes, as a matter of fact I do, Mr President. There’s one I think you really ought to take a look at…”

Bringing together high quality news and background information, GreenHouse Gas Online is a tremendous resource for anyone interested in the science of global pollution. A monthly digest of important developments makes it easy to keep up to date, while briefing papers based on materials from the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), and respected climate change expert John Haughton, introduce the science (and politics) behind our understanding of the issues.

To top it off, there don’t seem to be any bad puns on the theme of ‘hot air’ or otherwise. Perhaps there’s hope for the future of humankind (or at least the reportage of global warming) after all.


Willamette Library

GreenHouse Gas Online
Greenhouse Gas Online: All About Greenhouse Gas Science (University of Edinburgh)
Provides incisive summaries of current events and issues related to the Greenhouse Effect, such as global warming, sources of greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide sinks, sunspots, and international agreements.


Planet Science - Science Library

GreenHouse Gas Online
This site is aimed at college students and above, but would be good for anyone at A'Level who wishes to advance their knowlege of the issues surrounding greenhouse gases and their effect on climate change. It has a round up of related news items, the gases involved, publications and science digests of climate change and its politics. If you're going off to be interviewed for a degree place on evironmental science, this site will definitely help you!


SciDevNet Climate change: links

Greenhouse Gas Online
Greenhouse Gas Online aims to provide an up-to-date resource that distills freely available information on cutting edge greenhouse gas science and news. The site features links to numerous news articles and scientific abstracts (from over 100 peer reviewed journals).


The NSDL Scout Report for Life Sciences
September 20, 2002 -- Volume 1, Number 18

GreenHouse Gas Online [.pdf]
Keep current with global warming issues with this Web site created by greenhouse gas scientist Dave Reay. GreenHouse Gas Online offers current and archived articles from newspapers and peer-reviewed journals around the world. Only journal articles with freely available abstracts are included. The latest general news and journal articles can be found listed by title on the site's main page, while links to topic-specific material are provided in a side bar. The news and journal archives contain material from 2001 and 2002. Those already interested in and familiar with global warming issues should find this Web site of great use. Students working on related papers or projects would also benefit from this convenient online resource. [RS]


Center for Environmental Change

GreenHouse Gas Online - This site contains not only greenhouse gas related news, but also up to date links to the abstracts of hundreds of greenhouse gas related scientific papers.


dmoz Open Directory Project

GreenHouse Gas Online - Devoted to greenhouse gas and climate change news and science. Detailed information on the various greenhouse gases and on climate change issues. Also, contains up to date links to the abstracts of hundreds of greenhouse gas scientific papers.


Hort-Pro Online Magazine (John A. Morley [Ed.], December 2002)

Global Warming Explained

Attempting to keep abreast with the scientific advances in global warming theories is almost as much of a problem as the sorting through those from earnest environmentalists and self-serving bureaucrats and politicians. Now help is at hand in the site set up by Dave Reay, an environmental scientist at the University of Edinburgh, U.K. And when a website comes with recommendation from the journal Science it is doubly worthy of attention. Both scientific articles and constantly up-dated news may be accessed here. Also, as Science notes: “For teachers and students, Reay has written succinct backgrounders on such topics as the possible effects of global warming; sources of greenhouse gases; and carbon dioxide sinks, such as plants and the ocean, that store the molecule.”


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