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An Introduction to GreenHouse Gas Online

The primary aim of Greenhouse Gas Online is to provide a freely available and up to date resource dedicated to greenhouse gas news and scientific publications. Read some reviews of the site on the Reviews page. As you navigate through the site you will find links to numerous news articles and hundreds of scientific abstracts from greenhouse gas related papers.

Increased awareness of climate change science and the issues surrounding global warming is vital if our attempts to tackle this complex problem are ultimately to succeed. I hope that trhough websites such as this one peer-reviewed climate change science will reach an ever wider audience.

The site catalogues the greenhouse gas related articles published in over 100 peer reviewed journals from around the world. Only articles for which the abstracts are freely available are included and the site already has links to many hundreds.

Each month, links to abstracts from the main categories on Greenhouse Gas Online are catalogued and archived. The archive now already stretches back to September 2001 and I hope will become a valuable resource in its own right. (Note: abstract archiving is currently on hold).

The aim here is not to replace extensive abstracting services, like that provided by Web of Science, but instead to distill the freely available information on cutting edge greenhouse gas science and news.

Greenhouse gas news is garnered each week from sources such as the BBC, Nature, New Scientist, and While every effort is made to ensure a high standard of content, where links take visitors outside of Greenhouse Gas Online we are not ourselves responsible for this content.

Also on Greenhouse Gas Online are pages devoted to the background information on the various greenhouse gases, current scientific understanding and the potential for control of emissions. This information is largely based on that given in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's in depth book 'Climate Change 2001: The Scientific Basis'. Pages describing global warming are in general based on information in John Houghton's excellent book 'Global Warming: The Complete Briefing'.

I hope you find the site useful and easy to use. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have suggestions on content you would like to see included, publications I have omitted or news stories I have overlooked.

Happy surfing,

Dave Reay (Ed)


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