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Updated April 11, 2017

Greenhouse Gas News

wave 11th April Climate Backtrack
The UK Government is set to roll back climate change regulations and measures as part of its post-Brexit actions. The moves appear to be part of efforts to secure better trade deals.

ice 11th April Permafrost Peril
Sarah Chadburn and colleagues at the University of Leeds, UK, have examined the risk to permaforst soils ofclimate warming. They estimate that with 2 degrees of warming the area could decrease by 40 percent.

erosion 11th April Carbon Burial
Zhenganag Wang and colleagues in Belgium have estimated that up to one third of carbon lost from land due to human activities has actually ended up in ocean sediments rather than in the atmosphere.

wave 13th April Sea Level Signals
John Church and colleagues at CSIRO in Australia have identified greenhouse gas-induced warming, rather than natural variability, as the key driver of global sea level rise since the 1970s

soils 13th April Climate Smart Soils
Keith Paustian of Cornell University, and colleagues in the UK, have highlighted the hue potential for climate change mitigation through improved management of the world's soils.

sun 20th December Paris Climate Pact
The COP21 meeting in Paris has succeeded in reaching agreement on how to tackle climate change after 2020. The historic deal includes mechanisms for increasing emissions cuts and financing.


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climate change begins at home

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