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About Dave Reay

Dave ReayGreenHouse Gas Online came about due to the apparent gap in scientific information on greenhouse gases available on the web. As a greenhouse gas scientist I was disappointed with the lack of a comprehensive and up to date greenhouse gas science web resource and, having a few website building skills myself, thought I'd have a go.

What I have produced still falls short of ideal, but it at least provides a great way for me to keep track of, and catalogue, new research on greenhouse gases and global warming. In designing Greenhouse Gas Online my aim has been to provide information primarily useful to greenhouse gas researchers like myself. Hopefully, much of the information will be useful to non-scientists as well.

I have tried to keep the overall format of the site consistent with that used by my funding body, the Natural Environment Research Council (UK), but they bear no responsibility for any content here. Greenhouse Gas Online is the fourth website I have produced, but the first relating directly to my job. Who knows?, in the long term it may become a key web based resource for future greenhouse gas scientists, in the mean time I just hope you enjoy the site...

Brief Biog

Dave Reay studied Marine Biology at Liverpool University and graduated in 1994. He went on to gain a PhD jointly with the British Antarctic Survey and Essex University studying the response of Southern Ocean algae and bacteria to temperature change. After gaining his doctorate he continued working as a post-doc at Essex, investigating the impact of land-use on the soil methane sink. In 2001 he moved to Edinburgh University to investigate emissions of the greenhouse gas 'nitrous oxide' from agriculture, then carbon dioxide fluxes in forests, and then to work there as a NERC research fellow in the School of Geosciences studing methane and nitrous oxide emissions due to land-use change. Dave became the university's first lecturer in carbon management in 2008, a senior lecturer in 2009 and a Reader in 2013. He is also designer and editor of a popular Southern Ocean website. He enjoys running, Test Match Special, and writing stories for his daughters. Dave heads up the award-winning Masters programme on Carbon Management at Edinburgh'.

Sarah Reay is director of Black Dog Textiles, a Scottish business producing handmade and eco-friendly handbags. As well as a successful range of tartan handbags, clutch bags and evening bags made from recycled materials Black Dog Textiles also run sustainability and recycling workshops across Scotland.


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