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Most of the code and content for GreenHouse Gas Online was written late at night during the first six months after the birth of my daughter, Maddy. Thanks to her for making sure I was kept awake enough to carry on and write into the early hours!

Biggest thanks to my wife Sarah for putting up with my boring talk about what picture best sums up livestock methane and whether the site was ever going to be publishable on the web.

Thanks to my Labrador Flo for the numerous comic moments and sock pinching during the last year. Phil Ineson, this photo's especially for you.

Thanks also to the University of Edinburgh's Institute of Ecology and Resource Management and the Natural Environment Research Council for inspiring me to come up with the website and for paying my mortgage each month.

Much of the background material comes from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's in depth book 'Climate Change 2001: The Scientific Basis'. Pages describing global warming are in general based on information in Sir John Houghton's excellent book 'Global Warming: The Complete Briefing'.

Finally, thanks to all those visitors to my Southern Ocean website who have been so complimentary, despite its many faults, and have given me the encouragement to continue writing HTML and designing websites in the little bits of spare time I have.

Thank you.


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