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Greenhouse Gas News Archive 2017

ice 24th October Prince Albert II of Monaco
The inaugural cohort of Prince Albert II of Monaco climate change scholars has commenced studies at the University of Edinburgh. They are drawn from those nations most at risk from climate change.


sheep 11th October Mulling Methane
Patrick Crill and Brett Thornton, of Stockholm University, have reviewed the current state-of-the-art on methane science. They highlight emerging knowledge on its sources and sinks around the world.


gas ring 28th September Stretching Scotland
The UK's Climate Change Committee has highlighted the ongoing uncertainties and potential shortfalls in Scotland's draft Climate Change Plan. Targets for low carbon heating may also be too ambitious.


ice 11th April Permafrost Peril
Sarah Chadburn and colleagues at the University of Leeds, UK, have examined the risk to permaforst soils ofclimate warming. They estimate that with 2 degrees of warming the area could decrease by 40 percent.


erosion 11th April Carbon Burial
Zhenganag Wang and colleagues in Belgium have estimated that up to one third of carbon lost from land due to human activities has actually ended up in ocean sediments rather than in the atmosphere.


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