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Greenhouse Gas News Archive 2015

sun 20th December Paris Climate Pact
The COP21 meeting in Paris has succeeded in reaching agreement on how to tackle climate change after 2020. The historic deal includes mechanisms for increasing emissions cuts and financing.


exhaust 20th December Carbon Copy
Global carbon dioxide emissions in 2015 are likely to be the same as those in 2014 according to a new analysis in Nature Climate Change. It is unclear whether this is a short term hiatus.


flame 20th December Negative Net Emissions
Pete Smith, of Aberdeen University, and colleagues have quantified the potential for negative net emissions techniques, such as biomass-burning carbon capture and storage.


sky 2nd November Budget Breaker
The United Nations have warned that current national plans for emissions reductions submitted in adavnce of the Paris climate conference are insufficient to prevent over 2 degrees of warming.


baked earth 2nd November Pressure Cooker
Jeremy Pal and Elfaith Eltahir of MIT, US, have identified areas of extreme heat stress risk to human health with future climate change in the Arabian Gulf region.


soil 2nd November Eroding Sinks
Adrian Chappell and colleagues at CSIRO in Australia have assessd the imporantance of soil erosion in carbon stocks, fluxes and sinks. They highlight its global significance for climate change mitigation.


nitrogen book 13th July 2015 Nitrogen and Climate
Dave Reay of the University of Edinburgh and editor of has released the new book Nitrogen and Climate Change with publishers Palgrave Macmillan.


flowers 13th July 2015 Bee Line
Jeremy Kerr and colleagues at the University of Ottawa have reported that climate change has drastically reduced the range of bumblebees in Europe and North America.


contrails 13th July 2015 Flight Control
Kristopher Karnauskas and colleagues at Woods Hole, USA, have revealed how aviation may itself be affected by climate change due to changes in weather patterns and air flows.


farm 10th June 2015 Sweet and Sour
Alexis Bell and colleagues at the University of California, USA, have developed a new sugar cane-derived biofuel system that has the potential for use as a liquid aviation fuel.


fire 10th June 2015 Stern Test
Nicholas Stern and colleagues at the London School of Economics have highlighted the progress being made in reducing Chinese carbon emissions. China's emissions could start to decline with a decade.


computer 10th June 2015 Australian Rules
A new study by Reputex has warned that Australian greenhouse gas reduction targets may yield little real change due to national emissions projections being greatly overstated.


sun 17th April 2015 Climate Engineering
Ken Caldeira at the Carnegie Institute in Stanford has warned that climate engineering using sulphate aerosols may far-reaching consequences for agricultural production globally.


ship 17th April 2015 Acid Extinction
Rachel Wood and colleagues at the University of Edinburgh have shown how oceans became much more acidic 250 million years ago, with a rate of increase in CO2 similar to that occuring today.


rock 17th April 2015 Geothermal Hunt
Carla Braitenberg and colleagues at the University of Trieste have succesfuly mapped Earth's gravity using the GOCE satellite with a view to identifying ideal areas for geothermal energy production.


star 1st April 2015 New US Climate Target
The United States has confirmed its new climate change target of cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 26-28 percent by the year 2025, ahead of the next UN climate meeting in Paris in December.


leaves 1st April 2015 Greenest Masters Ever?
Dave Reay and colleagues at the University of Edinburgh have launched a new online MSc in Carbon Management. Entirely delivered via distance learning it may well be the greenest Masters ever.


trees 1st April 2015 Carbon Stock Taking
Yi Liu an colleagues at the University of New South Wales, Australia, have provided a global stock take of changes in aboveground biomass and carbon over the last two decades.


beach 1st February 2015 El Nino Modiki
Wenju Cai and colleagues at CSIRO in Australia have warned that an enhanced greenhouse effect is likley to increase the frequency of extreme La Nina events in the Pacific Ocean.


fire 1st February 2015 Woodland Carbon
Robert Bailis and colleagues at Yale, USA, have assessed the carbon footprint of woodfuels in the tropics and suggest that more efficient cook stoves could cut emissions worth $1billion a year.


money 1st February 2015 Differentiated Impacts
Frances Moore and Delavane Diaz at Stanford, USA, have examined the economic impacts of projected climate change, showing that warming substantially slows GDP growth in poor regions.


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