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Greenhouse Gas News Archive 2013

sea shore 30th November 2013 Ocean Rebound
Thomas Frolicker and colleagues at ETH Zurich have suggested that heat loss from the oceans may lead to continued warming long after carbon dioxide emissions are stopped.


flood 30th November 2013 Insure to Adapt
Diane Horn of University of London and Michael McShane of Old Dominion University, USA, have assessed the effectiveness of a flood insurance response to future climate change impacts in the UK.


fire 30th November 2013 Short and Sweet
Neil Bowerman and colleagues at the University of Oxford, UK, have assessed the climate change mitigation potential of reducing emissions of methane and black carbon.


ocean surface 21st September 2013 Algal Feedback
Katharina Six of Max Planck in Germany, and colleagues, have warned that ocean acidification may enhance global warming by reducing sulphide emissions from ocean algae.


leaf 21st September 2013 Sink Saturation
Gert-Jan Nabuurs and colleagues at Wageningen University in the Netherlands have suggested that the forest carbon sink in Europe may be close to reaching saturation point.


crops 21st September 2013 Pest Procession
Daniel Bebber and colleagues at the University of Exeter, UK, have assessed the rate of spread of crop pests in response to climate warming. They report a poleward spread of 2.7km per year.


rice 26th July 2013 Harvest Alert
Toshichika Iizumiclose and colleagues at the National Institute for Agro-Environmental Sciences, Japan, have shown how seasonal climate forecasts could make global food production more resilient.


trees 26th July 2013 Carbon Accounting
Philip Ciais and colleagues at Laboratoire des Sciences du Climat et de l’Environnement, France, have examined the attribution of past and near-term carbon fluxes around the world.


sun 1st June 2013 Manhattan Project
Tiantian Li, and colleagues at Columbia University in the US, have suggested that climate change will cause an increase in heat-related deaths, especially in May and September, in Manhattan, New York.


flame 1st June 2013 Pollution Swapping
Lord Smith, chair of the UK Environment Agency, has warned that the influx of cheap coal to Europe as a result of the US fracking gas boom threatens to derail climate mitigation efforts.


flowers 26th April 2013 Climate Migration
Irina Mahlstein and colleagues at the University of Colorado have shown how climate change could cause large and rapid shifts in climate zones that will allow less time for species to adapt.


stream 26th April 2013 Greenhouse Feedbacks
Ben Stocker and colleagues at the University of Bern have predicted that climate change induces significant positive feedbacks in emissions of both methane and nitrous oxide.


trees 26th April 2013 Ash dieback
Dave Reay, of University of Edinburgh and GHGonline, has estimated that Ash dieback in Britain will cause a 5 million tonne disturbance to the British vegetation carbon stock.


fish 25th March 2013 Mixed Catch
Johann Bell, and colleagues at the Fisheries Division in New Caledonia, have found that climate change will have both positive and negative effects on fisheries in the tropical Pacific.


flood 25th March 2013 Flood Warning
John Beddington, the UK's Chief Scientist, has highlighted the extent to which past greenhouse gas emissions have already committed us to increased flood frequency.


soil 29th January 2013 Soil Carbon Feedbacks
Serita Frey and colleagues at the University of New Hampshire, US have found that climate change may result in a change the efficiency of soil carbon use and the climate feedback response.


flame 29th January 2013 Coal and climate
Jim Yong Kim, president of the World Bank, has said the developing countries using coal should not be shunned by the World Bank despite the pressing need to lower coal use.


ice 8th January 2013 Ice Sheet Uplift
Jonathan Bamber and Willy Aspinall at the University of Bristol, UK, have warned that the contribution to sea level rise from ice sheet loss may be larger than previously thought.

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