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Greenhouse Gas News Archive 2012

water fall 21st December 2012 Water World
Nature Climate Change and Nature Geoscience have published a joint focus on the challenges posed by water in a warming world. Happy Christmas to all and here's to a great 2013.


cars 21st December 2012 Closing Window
Joeri Rogelj and colleagues at the Institute for Atmospheric and Climate Science have shown the emissions reduction needed by 2020 to avoid 2 degrees C of warming.


mauna loa 22nd November 2012 Growing Greenhouse
The World Meteorological Office has confirmed that concentrations of carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide all rose to new highs in 2011. Carbon dioxide concentrations reached 391ppm.


coastline 22nd November 2012 European Climate Change
The European Environment Agency has assessed the past and projected impacts of climate change in Europe, warning that impacts will become more severe with the costs of damage rising.


flame 22nd November 2012 Emissions Gap
The UN Environment Programme has highlighted the large gap between actual greenhouse gas emissions and the level required to avoid post-industrial global warming of 2 degrees C.


rice 29th October 2012 Rice Methane Feedback
Kees Jan van Groeningen of Trinity College Dublin and colleagues in the US, have projected an increase in methane emissions from rice cultivation in response to future climate change.


ice 22nd September 2012 Low Albedo
The US National Snow and Ice Research Center has reported that the extent of Arctic sea ice has reached a record low. In September the extent dropped to 50% of the 1979-2000 average.


bike and car 17th August 2012 People Power
Nature Climate Change has highlighted the barriers to successful action on climate change arising from a paucity of information on individual and societal responses.


drought 17th August 2012 Drought Warning
Aiguo Dai of the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Colorado, USA, has shown that trends in drought since 1950 support projections of widespread drought in the 21st century.


sun 12th July 2012 Medieval Warming
Jan Esper and colleagues at Johannes Gutenberg University, Germany, have found new evidence that suggests that temperatures in the Medieval period have been underestimated.


starfish 13th June 2012 Oceanic Fingerprint
Peter Glecker, of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboraory, USA, and colleagues have strengthened the evidence for attribution of recent oceanic warming to human activities.


pc 13th June 2012 Climate Feedback
Michelle van Vliet of Wagningen University, and colleagues, have revealed the risk climate change poses to power generation from thermal power plants in the US and Europe.


lattice 13th June 2012 Carbon Sponge
Martin Schroder at Nottingham University, UK, and colleagues have developed a novel material that is able to soak up carbon dioxide under pressure and then retain it at low pressures.


gas 22nd May 2012 Energy Bill
The UK Government has announced its draft Energy Bill. Included is big financial support for nuclear and renewable energy, but there is no firm commitment to phase out fossil fuels by 2030.


eggs 14th May 2012 Food For Thought
Dave Reay, of Edinburgh University and GHGonline, and colleagues in Europe and the US have estimated the large greenhouse gas emissions cuts made possible by reducing food waste.


farming 25th April 2012 Corn and Climate Change
Noah Diffenbaugh and colleagues at Stanford University have found that corn prices in the US are made even more sensitive to climate change impacts by binding biofuel targets.


tree 25th April 2012 Cut and Thrust
The Brazilian Chamber of Deputies has delayed a crucial vote on legislation to determine the proportion of forested land that must be preserved as agricultural land use expands.


crops 28th March 2012 Climate Smart Food
Sir John Beddington and colleagues have called for an increase in 'Climate Smart Agriculture' to help provide food security and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the coming decades.


sun 28th March 2012 Pushing the Envelope
Myles Allen, of Oxford University, UK, and colleagues have released findings from recent climate simulations that suggest global temperatures could rise by 3 degrees C by 2050.


ocean 28th March 2012 Cooler Costas
Fredrik Boberg and Jens Christensen, of the Danish Met Institute, have reported that some regional climate change model projections overestimate the extent of warming.


money 2nd March 2012 Nordhaus Responds
William Nordhaus, an economist at Yale Univiersity, US, has responded to climate change skeptics on six key issues - including the economic impacts - that are frequently raised by them.


waste water 2nd March 2012 Waste Water Power
Bruce Logan and colleagues at Pennsylvania State University have constructed a device that can generate electricity from waste water. It is hoped the device will provide clean water and power.


sheep 2nd March 2012 More Midges
Matthew Bayliss and colleagues at the University of Liverpool, UK, have predicted that climate change in the UK risks increasing the spread of vector-borne diseases.


tree 22nd February 2012 Altered Amazon
Ahead of the Rio plus 20 meeting in June, Eric Davidson and colleagues at the Woods Hole Research Center, USA, assess the changing carbon fluxes in the Amazon basin.


contrails 14th February 2012 Sky's the Limit
The Chinese authorities have barred all airlines from joining the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme. China claims the scheme would cost its airlines almost £80 million each year.


fish 14th February 2012 Algal Alterations
Stephanie Hinder and colleagues at Swansea University, UK, have reported that algal community composition has altered due to increasing sea temperatures and windier summer weather.


sunshine on flowers 26th January 2012 Hotter Summers
The UK's Department of Environment and Rural Affairs (Defra) has released its first full assessment of the risks and opportunities of climate change in the UK during the 21st century.


mist 26th January 2012 Sow and Reap
Julia Pongratz and colleagues at Stanford University in the US have suggested that geoengineering of the climate using solar radiation management may result in increased crop yields.


wetland 26th January 2012 Bog Biofuels
Dong Liu and colleagues at Zhejiang University in China have estimated that the use of constructed wetlands to grow biofuels could replace 6.7 percent of national gasoline consumption.


flame 7th January 2012 Carbon Counting
Global carbon dioxide concentrations rose by just over 2ppm in 2011, while global temperatures were around 0.5 degrees C higher than the 1951-1980 global average.


sun 7th January 2012 Happy New Year
Wishing everyone a very happy New Year and here's to a great 2012. This year sees the landmark Rio+20 conference, plus real potential for progress on a global climate agreement.


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