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Greenhouse Gas News Archive 2011

flooded field 21st December 2011 Warming News
Krijn Paaijmans and colleagues at Pennsylvania State University, US, have reported that a warming climate may decrease, rather than increase, transmission of some vector borne diseases.


fungi 21st December 2011 Bug Bursts
Jizhong Zhou and colleagues at the University of Oklahoma have highlighted the importance of considering microbes when assessing key climate change feedbacks.


ice melt 21st December 2011 Arctic Mud
The US Department of Energy is funding a large research programme to examine how permafrost soil carbon stocks in the Arctic will respond to rapid warming.


fridge 21st November 2011 Hot Fridges
A UN report has highlighted the growth in emissions of HFCs, warning that their climate forcing impact may be as large as that for greenhouse gas emissions from transport by 2050.


fire 21st November 2011 Stepping Up
Global concentrations of carbon dioxide rose a further 2.3 parts per million in 2010, reaching 389 ppm. Concentrations of methane and nitrous oxide also rose further.


sun 21st November 2011 Degrees that Matter
Pierre Friedlingstein of the University of Exeter and colleagues have warned that rapid reductions in emissions are required in the next 20 years to avoid 2 degrees of warming.


fish 21st November 2011 Fish Factors
Rashid Sumaila and colleagues from the University of British Columbia have highlighted the multiple pressures, including climate change, that threaten the world's fish stocks.


computer 21st November 2011 Green Virtual Worlds
Kevin Houston and Dave Reay, of the University of Edinburgh (and, have calculated the emissions savings achievable through the use of virtual meetings and conferences.


trees 26th October 2011 Forest Management
Tara Hudiburg and colleagues at Oregon State University have calculated the emissions impact of forest management in the USA, showing local forest conditions are key to net fluxes.


ship 28th September 2011 Ocean Heat Sink
Gerald Meehl and colleagues at NCAR, in Colorado have shown that changes in heat uptake and distribution by the oceans may explain hiatus periods in the trend of global warming.


fog 28th September 2011 Tyndall Time
It is 150 years since John Tyndall's ground-breaking discovery that trace gases such as water vapour and carbon dioxide are responsible for the global greenhouse effect.


leaf 28th August 2011 Sink Overflow
Emma Sayer and colleagues at CEH, UK, have reported that increased litterfall in tropical forests may enhance net carbon losses to the atmosphere rather than reduce them.


cars 12th August 2011 Unlocking Hydrogen
Morris Bullock and colleagues at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in the US have reported initial success in using microbial enzymes to produce hydrogen rapidly.


shags 12th August 2011 Adaptation Travels
Eve Macdonald-Madden and colleagues at the CSIRO in Australia have investigated the benefits and risks of translocating species threatened by climate change and its ideal timing.


trees 18th July 2011 Town and Country
Zoe Davies and colleagues at the University of Kent, UK, have quantified the importance of urban vegetation as a carbon store. They estimate a stock of more than 3kg C per square metre.


leaves 18th July 2011 Tipping Points
Tim Lenton, of the University of Exeter, UK, has shown that, in principle, early warning predictions of climate 'tipping points' like dieback of the Amazon rainforest may be possible.


crops 2nd June 2011 Opportunity Knocks
Brendan Fisher and colleagues at the University of East Anglia, UK, have provided an updated estimate of the implementation and opportunity costs of reducing deforestation in Tanzania.


ice web 2nd June 2011 Arctic Openings
Scott Stevenson and colleagues at the University of California have modelled the impacts of climate warming on ice loss, snow fall, permafrost stability and human access to the Arctic.


tree 20th May 2011 Deforestation Acceleration
The Brazilian Space Institute has revealed that deforestation rates in the Brazilian Amazon rainforest have increased almost sixfold since the same time last year.


gas hob 16th May 2011 Energy Gaps and Mixes
The UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has released a new report forecasting the potential changes in global energy mix over the next four decades.


eggs 16th May 2011 Laden Bin
A report commissioned by the United Nations food agency has revealed that around one third of the world's food is currently wasted - equivalent to 1 billion tonnes every year.


crop 25th April 2011 Biofuel Albedo
Scott Loarie and colleagues at Stanford University, USA, have reported that sugar-cane biofuel expansion into agricultural lands in Brazil can result in a direct net cooling effect.


shags 20th April 2011 Antarctic Warming
Qinghua Ding and colleagues at the University of Washington, US, have shown that the Pacific sector of Antarctica has warmed substantially in the last thirty years.


flood 24th March 2011 Lake Outbursts
Gino Casassa of the Center for Scientific Studies (CECS) in Valdivia, Chile, has warned of the trend of increasingly frequent glacial lake outbursts resulting from climate change.


flame 24th March 2011 Black Rain
Yun Qian and colleagues in Washington have revealed that black carbon and dust deposition are having a greater effect on snow cover in Tibet than warming due to the enhanced greenhouse effect.


ice sheet 17th March 2011 Albedo Drop
Mark Flanner of the University of Michigan, and colleagues, have revealed the extent of additional climate forcing caused by the loss of snow and sea ice cover in the Northern Hemisphere.


UK coast 17th March 2011 Islay Initiative
Scottish Power and the Scottish Government have announced the development of the world's largest tidal power energy scheme. The 10 megawatt project will be in the Sound of Islay.


pc 2nd March 2011 Carbon Counting
Preliminary estimates of the change in global carbon dioxide concentrations in 2010 indicate the increase was the largest since 1998. Average concentrations are now 390ppm.


clouds 21st February 2011 Climate Fingerprinting
Gabi Hegerl of the University of Edinburgh, and colleagues, have confirmed the link between greenhouse gas emissions and increased rainfall in the Northern Hemisphere.


trees 21st February 2011 Shape Shifting
Brian Enquist and colleagues at the University of Arizona have suggested that climate change could reshape the structure of tropical forests and the cycling of carbon within them.


Auracaria tree 6th February 2011 Thirsty Amazon
Simon Lewis and colleagues at the Unversity of Leeds, UK, have warned that droughts in the Amazon, such as that seen in 2010, threaten to weaken the carbon dioxide sink.


leaves 6th February 2011 Green Shoots
The UN Food and Agriculture Organisation has reported that the rate of global forest loss slowed between 2000 and 2010, mainly as a result of more tree planting in Asia.


penguins 21st January 2011 Warmest Years
The World Meteorological Office has announced that 2010 was the warmest year globally since records began in 1850. Statistically, it is tied with 1998 and 2005.


flame 21st January 2011 Low Cost CCS
Steven Chu, US Energy Secretary, and others are examining a power plant in China to determine whether its low cost process of carbon capture could be used more widely.


ice melt 21st January 2011 Ice Man Goeth
Kathryn Molyneaux, of the MSc Carbon Management at the University of Edinburgh, has warned that global warming threatens frozen archaeological deposits in many high latitude areas.


starfish 3rd January 2011 Kraken Carbon
Katrina Edwards, David Goldberg and colleagues have highlighted the role of the deep oceans and their sediments in the cycling of carbon and in the global carbon budget.


Dave Reay 3rd January 2011 Happy New Year
2011 marks the tenth anniversary of Greenhouse Gas Online. Thanks for all the support over the past ten years and here's to a successful coming deacde of climate change science.


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