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Greenhouse Gas News Archive 2010

trees 14th December 2010 Cancun Outcomes
A last minute deal emerged from the UN climate change talks in Cancun in Mexico. It included breakthroughs on forest protection, financing for adaptation, and technology transfer.


crops 14th December 2010 Catch Crop
Paul Smith, and colleagues at the Millennium Seed Bank, have revealed plans to collect and store seed stocks of wild relatives of key food crops such as rice, wheat and potatoes.


flowers 24th November 2010 Yvo's Six
Yvo de Boer, former executive secretary of the UNFCCC, has outlined the six areas in which he believes the upcoming negotiations in Cancun can make real progrees.


co2 monitoring 24th November 2010 Recessionary Dip
Pierre Friedlingstein at Exeter University UK, and colleagues, have reported that global greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuel burning fell by only 1.3 percent in 2009.


flowers 15th November 2010 Hot Housing
Carlos Jaramillo and colleagues at the Smithsonian Institute in Panama have suggested that elevated temperature and carbon dioxide concentrations boosted diversity in ancient rainforests.


waterfall 15th November 2010 Sand Timer
Arjan Reesink and colleagues at the University of Birmingham, UK, are examining gravel and sand deposits laid down by ancient rivers to improve understanding of past climates.


woodland 10th October 2010 Ecosystem Service
Chris Kirby and colleagues at the University of East Anglia, UK, have reported that ecotourism can provide a sufficient financial incentive to drive down deforestation rates.


fish 10th October 2010 Double Jeopardy
Andrew Bauman and colleagues at the United Nations University have highlighted the threat posed to coral reefs by large algal blooms. This threat is in addition to that of high temperatures.


money 10th October 2010 Tianjin Talks
UN climate talks in Tianjin, China have ended without a breakthrough. However, there remains hope that a deal to provide $100bn for adaptation can still be made in Cancun in December.


beach 23rd September 2010 Ocean Anomaly
Dave Thompson and colleagues at Colorado State University have found that the rapid drop in ocean temperatures 40 years ago cannot be explained by aerosol pollution.


drought 23rd September 2010 Lofty Ambition
Meinrat Andrea and colleagues from Germany and Brazil are constructing a 320 metre tower in the Amazon rainforest with the aim of measuring large scale greenhouse gas fluxes.


drought 7th September 2010 War and Peace
Halvard Buhaug, of the Peace Research Institute Oslo in Norway, has cast doubt on the link between climate change and armed conflict in Africa. Political causes are instead highlighted.


ice 7th September 2010 Receding Waistline
David Barnes, and colleagues at the British Antarctic Survey, have suggested that the last collapse of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS) may have been as little as 125,000 years ago.


ice melt 30th August 2010 IPCC Review
The Inter-Academy Council is set to release the findings of its review into the processes and procedures of the United Nation's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.


sun 24th August 2010 Sea Level Lag
John Moore and colleagues at Beijing Normal University have warned that geoengineering of the climate through solar radiation management may fail to address sea level rise.


leaves 24th August 2010 Sunk Sink
Maosheng Zhao and Steve Running of the University of Montana have suggested that the terrestrial carbon sink has faltered over the last decade. Regional droughts are suggested as a cause.


phone 24th August 2010 Climate of Change
The Australian electorate has pushed climate change up the political agenda as a result of the divided vote in Australia's recent national elections. The Greens achieved 11 percent of the vote.


biochar 17th August 2010 Biochar Boon
Johannes Lehmann of Cornell University, and colleagues, have estimated the maximum amount of climate change mitigation achievable using biochar to be 1.8 billion tonnes of carbon per year.


stream 14th July 2010 Typhoon Sink
James Liu at National Sun Yat-sen University in Taiwan, and colleagues, has highlighted the key role played by typhoons in delivering terrestrial carbon to the deep ocean.


sun 5th July 2010 Solar Boost
US President, Barack Obama, has announced almost $2 billion in loans to support the development of solar energy generation in the US. The world's largest solar plant is planned for Arizona.


trees 5th July 2010 Climate Science and Trust
Jeff Tollefson, writing for Nature, has examined the current level of public trust in climate science and the ways in which climate scientists might better communicate their findings.


drought 5th July 2010 Dutch Verdict
The Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency's inquiry into the work of the IPCC has found no errors that undermine the main conclusions of the Panel, but recommends more transparency.


stream 18th June 2010 Greenhouse Feedbacks
Timothy Herbert and colleagues at Brown University in Rhode Island, US, have suggested that changes in CO2 concentration may explain global climate patterns dating back 2.7 million years.


pc 18th June 2010 IPCC Review
Robert Watson, former chair of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), has said that a code of conduct should be developed and adopted by the IPCC.


ice 17th June 2010 Mount Albedo
Eduardo Gold, with funding from the World Bank, is attempting to increase the albedo of Chalon Sombrero in Peru in order to lower temperatures at the peak and reduce glacial melt.


starfish 17th June 2010 Iron Rich Diet
Trish Lavery and colleagues at Flinders University, Australia, have suggested that the iron excreted in sperm whale faeces acts to promote algal growth and carbon sequestration.


flame 9th June 2010 Frying Pan and Fire
Luiz Arago, of the University of Exeter, UK, and colleagues have reported an increase in the number of fires in areas of Amazonian rainforest where deforestation has decreased.


ice 6th June 2010 Alpine Attribution
Matthias Huss and colleagues at the University of Friborg, Switzerland, have said that glacial retreat in the Alps can be attributed to a combination of natural and human-induced climate change.


cars 6th June 2010 Glass Half Empty
The European Environment Agency has calculated that the European Union is now more than half way towards achieving its aim of a 20 percent cut in greenhouse gas emissions by 2020.


ice melt 6th June 2010 Everest Melt
Nepalese sherpas who regularly climb Mount Everest have reported an increase in the rate of snow and ice melt that is exposing more bare rock and making climbng more dangerous.


plough clod 31st May 2010 Dirt and Climate
Jan Beck and Andrea Sieber of the University of Basel in Switzerland have described a strong relationship between a nation's soil and climate and its level of prosperity.


sunset 31st May 2010 Royal Message
The UK's Royal Society is to review its public messages on climate change in response to a complaint from 43 of its Fellows that the statements over-simplify the underlying science.


sunset 31st May 2010 Methane and Climate Change
Dave Reay, of Edinburgh University, Pete Smith of Aberdeen University, and Andre van Amstel of Wageningen University have edited a new book on methane and climate.


sunlit flowers 17th May 2010 Lizard Threat
Barry Sinervo and colleagues at the University of California in Santa Cruz have warned that climate change could make 20 percent of the world's lizard species extinct by 2080.


waterfall 17th May 2010 Nile Tensions
Egypt and the Sudan have stated that they are strongly opposed to a new agreement designed to give greater access to water from the Nile to upriver nations such as Ethiopia.


leaves 4th May 2010 Plant Reprieve
Andy McLeod, and colleagues at the University of Edinburgh, UK, have reported that methane emissions from vegetation are very minor compared to carbon uptake and storage.


ice sheet 4th May 2010 Split Cap
Uganda's Wildlife Authority have said that the ice cap on the country's highest peak has split as a result of global warming. Its extent has fallen from six to less than one square kilometres.


drought 4th May 2010 No Deal Down Under
The Australian government has been forced to put plans for a national greenhouse gas emissions trading scheme on hold until 2013. The scheme was twice rejected by the Senate.


sky 12th April 2010 Solar Sideshow
Georg Feulner and colleagues at the Postdam Institute in Germany have reported that any weakening of solar activity in coming decades will moderately offset projected warming.


money 12th April 2010 Deal Breakers
Yvo de Boer, speaking at the first UN climate change talks since COP-15 in Copenhagen, has rated the chances of reaching a binding agreement by the end of 2010 as slim.


storm surge 12th April 2010 Higher Stakes
Stefan Rahmstorf has assessed the latest thinking on sea level rise during the 21st century and the extent to which the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change may have underestimated it.


blue eyed shags 31st March 2010 Gulf Streaming
Josh Willis and colleagues at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California have said there is no evidence that the Gulf stream has slowed down between 2002 and 2009.


sun 31st March 2010 Chinese Revolutions
Phyllis Cuttino and colleagues at the Pew Charitable Trusts have reported that China has become the world leader in renewable energy investment, with $34bn of investments in 2009.


fire 7th March 2010 Deeper Footprint
Peter Stott and colleagues at the UK Met Office have said that the evidence for anthropogenic climate change is now stronger than when the IPCC published its 4th assessment report.


ship 27th February 2010 Cetacean Sink
Andrew Pershing, and colleagues at the Gulf of Maine Research Institute in the US, have calculated that a century of whaling has released more than 100 million tonnes of carbon.


pc 12th February 2010 Climategate
Sir Muir Russell and his climate change email review team have begun their inquiry into the leaked emails from the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia, UK.


spring 12th February 2010 Coiled Spring
Stephen Thackeray, and colleagues at the Centre for Hydrology and Ecology in the UK, have suggested that the increasingly early start to spring is disrupting natural food chains.


ice melt 25th January 2010 End of Raj?
Rajendra Pachauri, chair of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, will not resign over the errors on Himalayan glacier loss rates contained in the Fourth Assessment Report.


rice 15th January 2010 Space Age Methane
Paul Palmer and colleagues at the University of Edinburgh, UK, have used satellite data to demonstrate the large-scale controls of global methane production and emission.


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