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Greenhouse Gas News Archive 2007

web 21st December 2007 Towards 2008
The IPCC's 4th Assessment Report, Gore's Nobel Prize and the Bali Summit have made 2007 another year of increased climate change awareness. Here's to more progress in 2008.


bridge 21st December 2007 Bali Climate Summit
An agreement has been reached at the UN Climate Summit in Bali. It sets in train 2 years of discussions to set new targets for cutting greenhouse gas emissions post-2012.



flame 13th December 2007 Methanogen Mining
Steve Larter and colleagues at the University of Calgary, Alberta, have reported a mechanism by which methanogenic bacteria can convert hard-to-extract oil into methane for recovery.


flowers 13th December 2007 Moving Average
The Hadley Centre in th UK has revealed that 2007 is set to take 7th place in the ranking of warmest years ever recorded. This is despite it having been a La Nina year.


field 27th November 2007 Developing Sisyphus
The UN Development Programme has warned that without greater efforts to mitigate against climate change past progress on international development could be reversed.


light 27th November 2007 20 Percent House
Brenda Boardman and colleagues at Oxford University's Environmental Change Institute have revealed a strategy to cut residential carbon dioxide emissions by up to 80 percent


computer 27th November 2007 Open for Business
The key role of the business community in achieving greenhouse gas emissions cuts and mitigating climate change has been highlighted by the Confederation of British Industry.


sky 11th November 2007 Greenhouse Gain
The World Meteorological Office has revealed that greenhouse gas concentrations are continuing to rise. Atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide increased 0.5 percent in 2005.


flame 11th November 2007 Wildfire Emissions
Jason Neff and Christine Wiedinmyer at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado, have calculated that the wildfires in California emitted 8.7 million tons of CO2.


cars 11th November 2007 UK Climate Bill
The UK is to become the first nation in the World to make commitments on carbon dioxide reductions legally binding. The current target is for a 60 percent cut in CO2 emissions by 2050.


research ship 22nd October 2007 Ocean Sink
Researchers at the University of East Anglia, UK, have reported a weakening in the oceanic carbon sink. Carbon dioxide uptake in the North Atlantic has halved in 10 years.



ship 22nd October 2007 Ship Shape
Intertanko, a maritime industry body, has estimated that international shipping emits up to 1.2 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide each year - double that arising from aviation.



phone 16th October 2007 Nobel Winners
The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and Al Gore have shared this year's Nobel Peace Prize for their work to heighten awareness and understanding of human-induced climate change.


pc 16th October 2007 Nitrogen Bloom
James Lovelock and Chris Rapley have suggested that oceanic carbon dioxide uptake could be enhanced by piping nutrient-rich water to the surface to promote algal blooms.



flame 17th September 2007 Cloud Albedo
Veerabhadran Ramanathan and colleagues at the Scripps Institute in California have found that the brown clouds arising from air pollution can be an important driver of atmospheric warming.


ice 17th September 2007 Cool Runnings
Anders Levermann and colleagues at the Potsdam Institute in Germany have reported that sea ice melt may help to stabilize ocean currents by allowing the oceans to release more heat.


cars 17th September 2007 Locally Global
The UK's House of Commons inquiry into climate change mitigation by individual action has recommended more government support to help local authorities tackle climate change. Full report.


leaves 1st September 2007 Stomatal Flood
Richard Betts and his team at the UK's Hadley Centre have warned that elevated carbon dioxide concentrations may increase flood risks due to reduced transpiration.



worms 1st September 2007 Cast of Thousands
Timothy Filley and colleagues at Purdue University, Indiana, have revealed that earthworms are changing soil chemistry at their study sites and so may be altering carbon dioxide fluxes.


crops 19th August 2007 Biofuelled EU
Renton Righelato and Dominick Spracklen, both in the UK, have stated that reforestation is more effective than increased use of biofuels in reducing carbon dioxide emissions in the EU.


ice19th August 2007 Albedo Alarm
Mark Serreze and colleagues at the US National Snow and Ice Data Centre expect this summer to mark a new record low point in the extent of sea-ice cover in the Arctic Ocean.



fern 11th August 2007 Tropical Heat
Ken Feeley and colleagues at Harvard University have warned that rising temperatures may reduce the growth rate of trees in tropical rainforests, so reducing their potential as a carbon sink.


wheat 11th August 2007 Biofuels and N2O
Paul Crutzen and colleagues have suggested that nitrous oxide emissions arising from the cultivation of several biofuel crops may negate reduced carbon dioxide emissions relative to fossil fuels.


beach 11th August 2007 Up Close and Personal
Doug Smith and colleagues at the UK's Hadley Centre have revealed projections for climate change over the next decade. They predict that natural climate drivers will help to slow warming until 2009.


polluted stream 11th August 2007 N-Rich
Dave Reay of Edinburgh University and has suggested that amplification of forest carbon sinks due to increased nitrogen deposition is unlikely to be significant on a global scale.


sun 12th July 2007 Sundowners
Mike Lockwood from the Rutherford-Appleton Lab in the UK and Claus Froehlich from the WRC in Switzerland have demonstrated that solar activity cannot explain recent global warming.


sea view 4th July 2007 Climate Skeptics
A MORI poll in the UK has revealed that a significant proportion of the public believe scientists and politicians have exaggerated the threat posed by human-induced climate change.


fire 4th July 2007 Carbon Masters
Dave Reay, of, and colleagues at the University of Edinburgh are to launch a new MSc in Carbon Management for business, economics and environmental science graduates.


pc 4th July 2007 Ampere Strikes Back
A report by the UK's Energy Savings Trust has highlighted the rapid increase in domestic electricty use resulting from gadgets such as TVs and radios with high standby power usage.


drought 25th June 2007 Climate Wars
An UN Environment Programme report has cited climate change as a key driver of the on-going conflict in Darfur. Drought and desertification in the region have intensified in recent decades.


flowers 25th June 2007 Cemented in Place
The Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency has reported that China has now overtaken the United States as the world's biggest single emitter of carbon dioxide.


flowers 25th June 2007 Healthy and Wise
The UK's National Health Service (NHS) has been urged to do more to reduce it greenhouse gas emissions - its estimated annual emissions total one million tonnes of carbon .


waves 10th June 2007 Handshakes at G8
Angela Merkel, German Chancellor, has been at the forefront of efforts to reach agreement on cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 50 percent by 2050 at the latest G8 summit in Germany.


blue eyed shags 10th June 2007 Climate Canary
Walter Jetz and colleagues at the University of California, San Diego, have warned of the threat posed to many bird species by the combination of climate change and human disturbance.


southern ocean starfish 22nd May 2007 Sink Plunge
Corinne LeQuere and colleagues at the British Antarctic Survey have reported a lack of reponse to elevated CO2 concentrations by the Southern Ocean carbon sink.


ferns 22nd May 2007 All Change Here
The UK's MONARCH project has identified numerous species at risk from climate change by 2050. Other species, such as the stone curlew, may become more prevalent.


gas 6th May 2007 Mitigation Possible
The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's latest report on the mitigation of climate change says that far-reaching cuts in greenhouse gas emissions are economically viable. Summary report here.


ship 6th May 2007 Exporting CO2
China is set to become the leading emitter of greenhouse gases within the next year, overtaking the US. However, its manufacture of goods for export may mask true national responsibilities for emissions.


aerials 19th April 2007 Climate of Fear
The UN Security Council has been discussing climate change in terms of the threat its impacts pose to national and international security. The UK - current holders of the presidency - initiated the debate.


drought 19th April 2007 Impacts of Climate Change
The latest summary report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has highlighted the vulnerability of billions to the impacts of climate change. Click here for the full summary.


exhaust 3rd April 2007 EPA Ponders 'New' Pollutant
The US Supreme Court has ruled that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) does have the power to regulate against carbon dioxide emissions from new cars and lorries.


light bulb 3rd April 2007 Must Do Better
Carbon dioxide emissions are estimated to have risen by 1.25 percent last year in the UK. However, the UK remains on track to meet its Kyoto Protocol commitments.


uk skyline 15th March 2007 Climate Change Bill
The UK government has announced details of its climate bill. Aims include cutting carbon dioxide emissions by 60 percent by 2050 and setting 'carbon budgets' every 5 years.


flame 4th March 2007 Bang to Rights
Inuit leaders are demanding cuts in US carbon dioxide emissions. Ice and permafrost melt is threatening Inuit communities and human-induced climate change has been blamed.


sun 4th March 2007 War on Warming
UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, has warned of the potentially huge consequences of human-induced climate change, equating the threat it poses to the world with that of wars.


book jacket 24th February 2007 Climate Pact
The Washington summit on climate change mitigation, attended by numerous high-profile politicians, has agreed that developing-world nations should also have targets for emission cuts.


book jacket 24th February 2007 Greenhouse Gas Book editor Dave Reay, and colleagues Nick Hewitt, Keith Smith and John Grace, have published a new edited volume on Greenhouse Gas Sinks with publishers CABI.


research ship 14th February 2007 Carbon Kraken
Douglas Wallace and colleagues at the Leibniz Institute of Marine Sciences in Kiel, Germany, have shown that anthropogenic carbon dioxide has accumulated in deep ocean waters in the North Atlantic.


bridge 14th February 2007 Turning Point
Senator John McCain and other high-profile US politicians are meeting with representatives from the EU, China, India and Japan to discuss ways to cut global greenhouse emissions post-Kyoto.


money 14th February 2007 $25 million Question
Sir Richard Branson, owner of Virgin, has offered a prize of $25 million for a solution that will take 1 billion tonnes of carbon emissions out of the atmosphere every year.


flame 3rd February 2007 4th Assessment
The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has published its landmark report on the physical science basis of climate change. To view the summary for policy makers click here.


trees 28th January 2007 Post-Kyoto
UK Prime Minister, Tony Blair, has indicated that agreement on meaningful commitments to cut greenhouse gas emissions from the US, China and India could now be within reach.


pc 19th January 2007 Download Complete
The results of the home PC-run climate model from '' have now been analysed. They predict a warming in the UK of between 2 and 6 degrees C by 2080.


sun 17th January 2007 5 Minute Warning
The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists has moved the 'Doomsday Clock' forward to 5 minutes to midnight. The predicted impacts of climate change are cited as a key reason for the increased pessimism.


sign 15th January 2007 Thawing Stance
George W Bush is expected to make a major change in his stance on climate change and its mitigation. The move may pave the way for agreement of post-Kyoto Protocol emission cuts in the US.


spring flowers 7th January 2007 Warmest Year on Record?
The UK Meteorological Office are predicting that 2007 will be the the warmest year ever recorded. A combination of El Nino conditions and high greenhouse gas concentrations is to blame.


phone 7th January 2007 Ryan Air
Michael O'Leary, head of budget airline Ryan Air, has hit back at criticism from Environment Minister Ian Pearson over the airline's response to climate change and its mitigation.


logo 7th January 2007 Tipping Point
2006 was a landmark year for climate change awareness. The Stern Report, Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth, and Sir David Attenborough's films reached millions. Happy 2007.


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