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Greenhouse Gas News Archive 2001

14th December 2001  Sudden change
A report from the US National Research Council predicts increasingly sudden changes in the global climate. The report calls for more research into rapid climate change and the development of social policy to help society cope with these sudden changes.


2nd November 2001  Greener land
More evidence has indicated the Greenland ice pack to be in retreat. The ice sheet has apparently thinned by around 15cm in the last 40 years and the Canadian based researchers have implicated global warming in its melt down.


26th October 2001  Global warming a safe bet
A scientist from Stanford University, CA, has found a novel climate change record spanning over 80 years. The record comes from measurements of ice melt in the Tenana river, Alaska, made annually as part of the 'Nenana Ice Classic' sweepstake.


19th October 2001  Vanishing clouds
Deforestation in lowland Costa Rica is drying out the cloud forests on the mountains above, so threatening many unique animal and plant species according to Robert Lawton of the University of Alabama in Huntsville, USA.


11th October 2001  Adaptable grasslands
A group of US scientists has claimed that the bacteria in prairie soil can limit their greenhouse gas emissions in response to environmental warming by acclimation, so throwing doubt on current climate change models.



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